Councilman Fiduciary Responsibilities Presentation

I defined Council Member Responsibilities from the Alabama League of Municipalities Mayor Council Handbook and reiterated my Oath of Office and what it means to me. I further expounded what Fiduciary responsibility is for Council members.

I reiterated several examples of wrongdoing that I am aware of, that more than justify the request for a deeper audit.

I further disclosed my findings of the claim that Mayor Howard and the City Clerk confirmed that money was not Missing, but Misappropriated and the Computer with the City Financials was stolen. While acknowledging that it was Misappropriation, none of this was investigated. In just a short time I discovered that Margaret issued Bonds to get $785,000 in 2009 to build a City Hall. Many of you may remember seeing the iron for a building on the current site of City Hall. Keep in mind that if the Bonds were to take out $785,000, the repayment is for much more. In 2017, Mayor Howard reworked many of the cities Bonds, including the above mentioned Bond, thereby burying the evidence of the Misappropriation that he admits that he was aware of. I asked him if he was ready to investigate it, to which he replied that the audit came out alright, so he didn’t see any reason to investigate it, thus forcing me to submit a FOIA request for where the 2009 Bond money went. I’m willing to fight for what’s right for our city, and the 47% of the population that I represent.